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  Management Team  

We are a partnership of five core highly experienced people, each with our own industry-related expertise and skill sets that enable us to provide our clients with exemplary processing products and services.

Laurie Ross

30 years experience processing domestic and international seismic data for the oil and gas, and mining industries.
20 years experience processing time lapse seismic.

B. Eng (Geoph.) 1985, University of Saskatchewan

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Ye Zheng

33 years experience in research and development on leading edge technology such as 5D interpolation, fracture analysis, migration, and AVO inversion.

Seismic data processing, AVO inversion and reservoir characterization projects in various areas including Canada, US, Venezuela, China, Mid-East and Africa. Deep seismic sounding and regional tectonics. Ye has presented many technical talks to CSEG, SEG, EAGE conventions.

Ph.D. 2006, Geophysics, University of Calgary, seismic fracture analysis

MSc. 1995, Geophysics, University of Calgary, polarization filtering on multi-component seismic data

BSc. 1982, Explosion Mechanics, University of Science and Technology of China, Wave propagation in solid and fluid media

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John Chiu

36 years experience in geophysics and seismic data processing.

B Sc. 1979 Applied Mathematics, University of Calgary

B Sc. 1989 Geophysics, University of Calgary

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Don Gee

28 years experience in geophysics and seismic data processing for domestic and international data.

P.Geoph., B.Sc. 1987 Geophysics, University of Alberta

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Jesse Brown

23 years experience with software development and information technology in geophysics and seismic data processing. Jesse has also been involved in setting up systems for other startup companies within the industry.
BSc. 1992 Computer Information Systems.

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