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  Geo-X Processing System  

Geo-X uses SeisSpace®/ProMAX® software as a base for its processing system. SeisSpace®/ProMAX® software is Landmark’s next generation comprehensive seismic processing system for large volume land or marine processing of 2D or 3D pre- and post-stack data. This system combines ease of use with effective analysis tools, superior geophysical algorithms, and optimized parallel processing infrastructure. With SeisSpace software, you can derive greater value from your investment in seismic data, increase productivity, reduce project cycle times and ultimately lower drilling risks.

SeisSpace technology is designed to help the user better understand their seismic data through visualization tools that allow rapid viewing of pre- and post-stack seismic data. The power and flexibility of SeisSpace software enables you to optimize seismic processing sequences by leveraging your understanding of the area’s geology as a guide to seismic data analysis and parameter selection. These workflows facilitate construction of the optimum seismic image of the geologic target.

Developed for optimal execution in parallel environments, JavaSeis is the pre-stack data format that allows users to build jobs that can run on multiple nodes that scale well.  Unlike conventional processing technology, Landmark places special emphasis on providing processors with unique visualization tools to better understand data quality control issues. To that end Landmark has delivers “built for purpose” visualization tools that provide the processor with the ability to navigate through their data in 3D and interactively apply and measure the affects of their various processing flows.