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  Post-Stack and Pre-Stack Time Migration  

  • 2D or 3D migration.
  • Handles post-stack or pre-stack data.
  • Optional anti-alias filtering.
  • Optional migration from topography.
  • Optional migration to select output locations.
  • Can produce a stack or common offset gathers on output.
  • Can perform multiple migrations at various percentages of the input velocity field. Percentage stacks are output for velocity analysis.
  • Capable of parallel execution, optionally using a network distribution across multiple architectures.
  • Can migrate from datum using 4th order (curved ray) moveout. This allows long offset shallow data to image better.
  • Can migrate from datum using an anisotropic moveout correction.
  • Can migrate to an arbitrary CDP grid, which allows for simplified rebinning.
  • Restart capabilities allow for protection against hardware failures and power outages.